Children's Birthday Party Ideas

Firefighter Party
I had a great birthday for my son's 4th birthday. We had a guest fireman (our neighbor) visit with all of his garb, and we sent invitations cut out from construction paper of a firetruck and ladder. We had red buckets with stickers and a firetruck with Dalmatian straws and all sorts of related items. We played games like pin the tail on the Dalmatian; rescue the cat from the tree; put out the fire with red bean bags and red plastic cups; crawl through the tube. They decorated their own fire truck with wheels and ladders. We had a firetruck pinata and pizza, cake and ice cream for the kids, and adult treats for the parents! - Thanks to Vicki, Oregon

Car Party
I saw a party theme years ago that I haven't forgotten and will keep in mind for a couple of years down the road - a Car Party for about 5-6 year-olds, girls and boys. Invitation could be for a party and come and learn to drive and build their own car! Upon RSVP, have the invited child provide name, address, date of birth and a school photo. With this information, the mom, dad or other siblings can make a driver's license for each child and place on cardboard. Perhaps even provide a little case from a dollar shop. With the good sized boxes that computer paper comes in (most are white boxes), have one for each child. Tin plates make great rear and head lights. Paper plates, cheap ones, can be coloured to make rims. Cut a hole in the bottom for the child's feet. Paper plates, pie plates, etc. for steering wheels. Use fun foam sheets for making personalized license plates. Loot bag items can include horns, stickers, handcuffs, case they want to make a police car. Decorate the birthday table with large sheets of brown paper and have the children draw roads and garages, airports, etc....Use your imagination to think of many other wild things to add...fuzzy dice, odd handles.....Thanks to Lesley, Canada

Pokemon Twister
My niece will be 7 this month and wants a Pokemon Party. She also loves the game Twister, so to keep it with the theme, I turned over the plastic game sheet and used clear contact paper and attached Pokemon to it - 4 different characters across, with 6 in each row, just like the colors. I printed the Pokemon out on my printer and cut them out. She likes Eevee, so we used only Eevee's forms. For the spinning piece, I'm going to print out small ones and using the contact paper, attach them to it (under the colored spots so that it can be used either way later). Just thought I would share one of our many ideas.....we have lots more, even Pin the Pokeball to Misty. We are going to give the kids badges from the Pokemon Print Shop for participating in activities. - Thanks to Lori, Tennessee

Hallowe'en Birthday
I would like to tell you about my daughter's 4th Hallowe'en Birthday we celebrated last October. We sent out spooky invitations created on the computer that read: "Bring your 'Mummy' and come see what's 'Brewin'at Morgan's Hallowe'en Birthday Party!" We decorated the entranceway with spider webs, a skeleton door hang, a haunted welcome mat that greeted our guests, pumpkins, and a jack-o-lantern with "Happy Birthday Morgan" carved into it using an alphabet stencil. Everyone was told to come in costume and we decorated with black and orange balloons, crepe paper, candles, etc. I draped our L-shaped island with bargain black material and cut up the bottom edges to look tattered. I had a witch's cauldron with sherbet/lemon-lime cola inside. We had candy corn, popcorn balls, nuts, etc. along with hot dogs. The cake was shaped like a jack-o-lantern (two chocolate bundt cakes placed together with an ice-cream cone iced green on top) and served with orange sherbet. We hung lots of spooky ghost and pumpkin decorations (found at a local dollar store) from the ceiling and walls and had black and orange napkins, plates, cups, etc. We got lucky in finding Hallowe'en "silverware" with witches, ghosts, and skeletons carved into the handles. We hung Christmas lights with little pumpkin and ghost clips over the bulbs which looked great as dusk turned to night and the kids played Pin the Nose on the Jack-O-Lantern. Before our little goblins left, our teenage friends dressed as ghosts and handed out "Ghostly Goodie Bags". Everyone had a great time and my 4-year old is already making plans for this year's party! - Thanks to Misty, Alabama

Under the Sea
My son has a summer birthday and when he turned 3, we celebrated it "Under the Sea". We played find the sea shells, the "King Tryton" dance (a Maypole type game where the kids held blue crepe paper and danced around a broomstick), a fishing game (we hot-glued magnets onto plastic fish, made poles from branches and tied metal washers to them for bait), and had a wet obstacle course (the hose was on the kids while they hopped, skipped, and crawled). Prizes were shells and plastic sea animals. Food was sandwiches cut with a fish-shaped cookie cutter, goldfish crackers, and fruit. Everyone had a great time! - Thanks to Karen, California

Barbie Tea Party
So far the best birthday I have planned was my 7-year old daughter's Barbie/Tea Party this year. All of the girls were invited to bring their favorite Barbie (or borrow one of ours) and come for tea. I went to a thrift store and picked up several pretty tea cups for the girls to use and take home. They had iced tea, instead of hot tea. They all dressed up, and everyone got an inexpensive ($4.99) Barbie as a party gift. Everyone had a great time! - Thanks to Jennifer, Oregon

Princess Party
My daughter's 3-year old party was a princess party. We told all of the girls to wear party dresses, princess ones if they had them. We made crowns and had marshmallow staffs with cut-out stars stapled to them. We took polaroids of the girls with their princess things on, and made necklaces with their pictures on them to take home. The cake was very cute. We made it look like a castle by baking cake in soup cans, and putting them on top so they looked like towers. My daughter is now turning nine, and she still has the necklace we made with her photo, and so do some of her friends. - Thanks to Valarie, Georgia

Hawaiian Party
Since our family is on a budget, a vacation is out of the question. Last year we experienced Hawaii in our living room! We invited friends and cousins over to our Hawaiian Party. I asked each child to bring something that they learned about Hawaii. After learning about the islands, the language,and the fun things to do, we ate Hawaiian recipes, and played Hawaiian music. We played games like pass the coconut, and limbo! The kids had fun making the decorations for the "big day". - Thanks to Roxanne, Alberta

Pool Party
One of the best parties we planned was when our oldest son turned one, it was at the end of June and I wanted to do something big for his first birthday so we had two blow up pools (they were quite big) and then set up three different beach umbrellas with their own chairs and own cooler with different beverages for their convenience. Then we let the children make their own sundaes with different ingredients of their choice. It was a great hit as far as having a pool party without having an "actual" pool! - Thanks to Stacey, Georgia

Batman Party
Our Best Party was Batman. We had 73 children who were all kitted out in handmade capes and masks. The ultimate was seeing Batman (Dad dressed up in a hired Batman suit- mask and all) on the roof of the house. There was a long queue to stand next to Batman and get him to pick you up was something else. Two years down the line and the children still talk about Michael-James 4th birthday party and the amazing Batman.

Chef's Party
My daughter has just turned 4 and we had a "Chefs and Cheffettes" party where the children were equipped with chef aprons and hats and allowed to create their very own "sweet dish". - Thanks to Cathy, South Africa

Eggy Party
My son was born December 21, and it has been a real challenge to keep his birthday separate from Christmas. I like to think that we've been successful. We tend to have parties at other times of the year as well, such as Easter or Hallowe'en. I'd have to say that the best one we did was at Easter, although it could be easily be adapted for a birthday party. It was an "Eggy" party. The kids all brought 1/2 dozen hard boiled eggs and I had all kinds of things set out for them to decorate them with - dye, crayons, stickers - you name it. First the kids came to the front door and were made "Official Grade A Egg Decorators" (name tags printed on the computer). I had signs all over the yard...."eggs hatching, watch your step", "bunny crossing", etc. They also made bunny ears with construction paper and poster board, stickers and crayons.....the usual ring around the head and ears pasted to it. They looked so cute! There was food all set out for them to nibble from when they wanted to - in the center was a big Easter basket with a stuffed bunny, ducks, etc. I had made mini chicks out of pom poms and felt material (for feet and beaks) that were scattered all over the table. We had Jello jiggler eggs, cheese cut like bunnies and chicks, sausage, crackers, veggies and dip, fruit, chips, and Easter cookies. Everything was in baskets. After decorating, the games began. In the front yard, we got the children to balance eggs on their spoons and walk/run from one end of the yard to the other. Adults were hiding a whole mess of plastic eggs in the back yard, full of candy and small toys. Then the funniest game of all was the egg toss, where they all got to throw an uncooked egg in the direction of the house (there was no other way to do it!). The child that made it go the farthest won a prize, and the child hit the house. We all had a very, very good laugh and the children thought it was the funniest thing. Then they were called into the back yard for an egg hunt. They all got many, many eggs. We opened them all and then divided up all the loot for them to put in their Easter "baskets" to take home (the baskets were from strawberry pint containers with pipe cleaners for the handle). I would recommend giving each child a color of egg that they was hard for them to understand that they couldn't keep everything that they found. But we had a total blast, and my house was not messed up a bit since we did the whole thing outside. Well, except for the egg on the house! - Thanks to Karen, Campbell River, B.C.

Circus Party
I'm having a circus theme party for my daughter who's turning 1 year. I sent out clown invitations with confetti sprinkled inside the envelopes, and circus tickets that I printed myself on the computer. I'm having a clown do magic, balloon animals and dance with the kids. I'm using your idea with the popcorn boxes as a centerpiece with a balloon bouquet attached, and colorful confetti sprinkled on the tables. In front of each place setting, I'll put a brown paper bag filled with peanuts (which I made big labels for that say "Elise's 1st Birthday Circus"), and a box of Barnum's Animal Crackers. I'll hand everyone clown noses as they walk in. I bought a face painting kit to paint faces. I'm having three carnival games for kids to play during the party. I will be having a hula hoop contest for adults and kids and Pin the Nose on the Clown. The kids will get prizes for games - hats, horns, clown sunglasses, paper clown ties. I rented a popcorn and cotton candy machine. For food, I will be having hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken fingers and french fries. The cake will be a pretty carousel. I will have a radio playing circus and carnival music. There'll be a pinata at the end, and last but not a favor for the children, I will be giving them each a goldfish in a bowl with their names painted on that I made myself. - Thanks to Lilly

More Bugs
For my oldest son's 3rd birthday party, we had a bug party. I took big plastic ants, lizards, etc. and placed them all over the house, and had some hanging from the chandelier. I made a large sheet cake decorated in green icing. I had miniature ants and spiders crawling up the side of the cake, along with some plastic beetles. We also had a large scorpion in the center of the cake. I froze plastic spiders and flies in the ice cubes for the party. He loved it and all the kids had a blast. - Thanks to Tanya, Louisiana

Construction Party Tips
Tie balloons to "construction items" for centerpieces, such as rubber mallet, box of nails (ribbon from balloons tied around so box can't be opened), lunch box, etc.
Use saw horses with board over them for tables.
Make drinks in large water coolers.
Use caution tape tied to sticks or cones for a marked-off play area. - Thanks to Kelly

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